Monday, July 27, 2009


Ideas are interesting things. Everyone has them. Everyone discards them. Everyone talks about them openly. Some follow their own ideas. Others never pay attention to them. Some people stwal them. Other people come up with the same ones. Etc.

But when you're thinking about writing. Or when you're thinking about a really unique hotel. Basically, when you try to think of something that no one else has done, it is interesting what you find.

I like to create. I like to try to have ideas and create something from them in a lot of different areas. I dabble quite a bit. I'm not expert in any of my fields and so far I've not sold any of my ideas for millions, thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

For me, a frequent thought that comes to mind when about to work on an idea that I really like is that "well someone's already done that." But if the second person to take up photography ever thought "Well someone's already done that" and gave up, photography may not be where it is today. Certainly it wouldn't if everyone thought that way.

Or if, say, someone sang a song and the next person said "well, that's already been done so..." some of the songs that my generation knows today may not be available or have made a difference.

I post this because my head is always full of ideas. I have been, recently, someone who ignores her own ideas and who says "well, someone's already done that, before." I'm trying to break out of that oh-so-safe shell.

OK, so someone's written a science fiction book about x y and z. Ok, so someone's sung my song at karaoke before, and they've done it better than me and perhaps in front of some of the same people I'm wanting to perform in front of. Someone's taken a photo of a slot canyon. It doesn't mean my ideas can't be fruitful. It doesn't mean they can't make a difference.

So watch. I might just throw some ideas out there sometime soon. :0)