Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello. I'm a nerd.

At times I feel a small bit like I am drowning in my studies. The truth is, however, that I do not mind.

In a couple of recent conversations (one with a rude semi-stranger who sits next to me in a class and one with an actual friend) it came up that I need to learn to balance my social life and fun with my scholastic activity. What it comes down to is that learning, right now, is fun. It also happens to be my priority.

There was a time recently in my life in which I did not have enough to do. Work didn't keep me busy enough, and I couldn't find enough trouble to keep me having "fun". A 90 minute trip on the Metro up to Hollywood a couple times a month, lots of travel to familiar places; yes I was busy but not in a way which allowed for self-expansion.

So now, here I am, trying to figure out when to call who and how not to go for walks too late at night in not-the-safest-ever Long Beach. It couldn't be that for the first time in my life I earned straight A's in school, could it? I've whet my appetite and now I have that thirst for blood. I want more.

So I increased my load from 12 to 18 units. A bit more of a challenge, I thought. And it certainly is.

The hardest thing is not the work load, but more so the discipline to stay on top of it rather than allow myself to fall behind and try to push all of my studies and readings and assignments into one single day. I tend to spend more time on my favorite classes, naturally. I tend to want to impress the teachers who are already impressed just a smidgen more.

Geology is a brief love affair. It is also a pretty demanding and time consuming one. Film has completely over-ridden both English and Creative Writing. I suddenly want to abandon all required classes and just take all of the film, theater, radio and television classes that I can in hopes of gaining a complete and thorough knowledge of everything needed to make a decent piece of media artwork. But alas I do have a need to complete other classes. And that's just fine and dandy.

Because I like being able to say I spent $400 on books. That alone makes me feel smart.

Hello. I'm a nerd.