Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Empty Glass

I walk into the bar.
I comb the room.
Exhilaration runs through me as
I browse the faces of those I never knew.
And in that moment I've tricked myself
Same as everyone else.

He isn't there.
Not in the crowd
Not in the empty glass at hand.
Like my numbing friend,
I've enjoyed too much of him.
And he is gone.

My Men Are Like Blankets

My men are like blankets.

I grow attached to every thread that makes them up.
On the threads lay oils of scent which I crave.
Scent which I crave and rub my nose into,
Inhaling the essence of where he's been today or the day before. 

I want them to cover me, to warm my body
And lay with me.
Lay with me in bliss, lay with me in sadness or in fear.
In the dark, protect me when I'm scared.

The feel of the fabric against my skin,
The warmth of the personality that dwells within the fibers. 
Some parts scratchier or silkier than others.
I let my fingers rove frequently and slowly over my favorite spots.
And I love every flaw because
As I discover them, they become more "mine".

 I need a blanket.

Like Aloe to a Sunburn

Like aloe to a sunburn;
Only it is he who scorches my tender skin,
And only he who can apply the moist nectar
Necessary to heal it.

It is he who makes me blister and swell
In a moment whence I regret 
Not having applied strict protection;
And yet he over-runs my system
In some sort of "regeneration".

It is he who peels this skin
As I disappoint my own eyes in my mirror.
All the same it is he who sheds the former me
Revealing a fresh and beautiful new shell
In which I will reside.

So that I might move on.

But he's like aloe to a sunburn.

You Have Been Loved

In a way, it is a different and pure form of love for us humans to leave one another when it has become apparent that some particular aspect of our relationships are irreparable.

Even if the word was never uttered, it is undoubtably a form of love to want the best and most pain-free life for those whom we care for. So, when that special someone walks away from us, sharing sincere gratitude for our being and concern for our emotions, it is necessary to take it to heart that while it may not have been the form of love that perhaps we were searching for, it was love enough for an individual to know that we deserved beyond what they could give.

This should be a comfort.  We must consider that we have been loved, and will one day be loved to an even fuller capacity.


Knees bent up like the mountains;
They continue to rise as the sun;
Breathing in his wind ,
Their breath becomes one.

A quake begins to tremble
As if converging plates collide
Rivers start to flow
Still the shaking won't subside.

A twisting of the limbs
Like trees colliding in the sky
Bringing him in further still
Like the pulling of the tide.

The stone of her smooth back
Lifts into an arch
And sediment is placed inside
A crevice in the dark

Until eventually the world described
Begins to disappear
And all that's left, in ecstasy;
Is him holding her near.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hidden Message

Walking down the street and as I pass someone by, I hear, clearly, as if it were directed to me, "put an amethyst in your pocket." sometimes I wonder what messages the universe wants me to hear & I haven't. This one came loud & clear, though the person completely intended it for another audience entirely.