Sunday, December 6, 2009

Follow My Own Advice...

Just go to bed.

I should follow my own advice. It's 3:45 am and this is not a good time to write. Things come out that shouldn't, at these hours. It's dangerous! :P

No, but, really. I Googled myself. The first of page of search results is fine. Ish. There is one link that I wish didn't show up there, but then again if it weren't that link it would be another equally as "embarassing."

I don't like that the second search page has a few references to Celine Dion fanaticism. Yes, it is part of my past, and there isn't too much wrong with waxing (extremely) enthusiastic about things. But still.........Delete! Delete!

..... ..... .....

I can see how Googling yourself can be a mistake. It is like "Here I am. This is how the Internet world sees me." It's not the best of you. Sometimes it's the worst. Not a feel-good thing.

The end.